Commercial Laundry


Laundry Day. We make it easy!

Let us take the strain out of it. Let us do your bedding and towels for you.

Duvets,  towels, baths mats and pillows respond to our professional touch and expert equipment. You’ll take comfort in knowing that it’s being done right.

The laundry specialists ensure every item of household linen (bed and table linen) including sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths, table napkins, duvet covers, valance sheets are cleaned and starched to the highest standard, then precisely folded and packaged before returning to you.

Laundrette Self-service laundry

Providing  customers a safe, comfortable, temperature-controlled environment with cable television access while you wait. The well-maintained facilities are exceptionally clean, smoke-free, and well lit and safety. Tea and Coffey arable to further provide customer comfort. New, high efficiency dryers reduce drying time which in turn saves you money.

Service Wash, Dry, and Fold

Don’t have time to do laundry? No problem. Globe Cleaners offers same day wash and fold laundry services to take care of your basic laundry needs such as washing and folding towels, bed linen t-shirts, socks, underwear, etc.

Globe’s affordable rates make it easy to save time and money while ensuring you look and feel your best.