Specialist Dry Cleaning


With a professional drycleaner such as Churchills can guarantee expertise, reliability, care convenience, flexibility, comprehensive services and specific attention to detail on every individual garment.

As a Specialist Drycleaner we use the most up to date technology available today, ensuring that we can clean almost every type of garment and fabric. Our experienced staff hand finish from your suits, silk blouses, evening dresses, and wedding dresses.

We can tailor our services to meet your needs individually, ensuring every garment is returned pristine.  With high technology Perchlorethylene and Hydrocarbon dry cleaning machines we can clean all types of clothes and fabrics, including beading, sequins, furs, silk, evening wear, weddings dresses, curtains, suede and leathers that other competitors cannot.

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Botanic Ave : 028 9031 1119
Upper Arthur St : 028 9033 3132
Upper N'ards Rd : 028 9067 2383
Lisburn Rd : 028 9038 1297